I have a been a little quiet in the teleseminar arena over the last month – but with good reason.  I have been putting together something really special, which I know you will love.

After spending over 20 years in the IT industry, generally as one of the only women in my chosen field, when I embarked on my online business building adventure that I would again be in the minority.   I was also a little worried that the women I would connect with wouldn’t really understand ‘me’.  I had experiences in the offline world when I met the Mums of children at the school my kids went to – because I came from the ‘corporate world’ and was very much a career woman.  Many of these Mums, although lovely people just didn’t get that I LOVED what I did and really didn’t want to a full-time, stay at home Mum.

It took a few months, but I realized that there was a small, but quickly growing community of Women who were using the internet to conduct business.  What truly amazed me was the width of this community – from very small Work At Home Moms (WAHMs) to women who had large corporate aspirations.  I just had to work out how to ‘tap in’ to that network and not feel so alone.

Eventually, I did and I have started to create a lovely network of women who want to be successful online. From there came my desire to help other women connect and realize that they too can be successful.

I then met Carol Deckert, through Social Networking.  Carol is a netweaver which means, simply, that Carol will connect people who can help each other, with thought to recompense.  To Carol, the reward is in doing a good thing and…. she knows that it will come back to her in the long run.

We quickly decided that have similar philosophies in life and have been working ‘behind the scenes’ to put together a package to help Women, or Ladies, in Business succeed and have it all….

Announcing – Ladies In Business Today, How You Can Have It All

Join Carol and I as we interview 8 highly successful and amazing Ladies In Business.  Each of these Women come from a different business background and focus and we want to help them share with you how they have managed to balance their Work and Home life to be incredibly successful.

We want our female listeners to know that they can achieve as well and learn some of the secrets that the 8 women we are interviewing have to share to make their lives easier.

For our male listeners, and yes! you are welcome, we hope that we can give you a better insight into the womens market and help you achieve more.

For those of you that have heard any of my interviews previously will know that I don’t do a standard Q & A interview.  I dig deep and ask my interviewee to give something that they haven’t previously revealed. These interviews promise to be fun and information packed and you will walk away with your head swimming full of ideas!

Just look at our speaker line up:

– Sharon Tieman (Australia) – Madame Marketing and author of “If I’m So Successful, How Come I Never Get To Be On Top?”

– Robbie Motter (USA) – Speaker, Coach, Public Relations and Marketing Specialist and expert in the Government marketplace

– Donna Cutting (USA) – Author of “The Celebrity Experience: Insider Secrets to Red Carpet Customer Service”

– Paula Constantino (USA) –  Founder of Women’s Support TEAM

– Lynn Terry (USA) – Internet Marketing Expert and Work At Home Mom

– Heidi Richards (USA) – Author, Business Coach & Entrepreneur

– Felicia Slattery (USA) – Teacher, Trainer, Speaker, Writer, Consultant & Coach who specializes in training busy professionals to succeed through effective communication.

– Janet Beckers (Australia) –  The Wonderful Web Woman, started her business from nothing in just 8 weeks and exceeded her previous years full time income in six months!

Each of these women will be sharing how they have met the challenges of developing a successful business and balanced their ‘outside’ life in the meantime.  They will provide practical advice that you can implement almost immediately on how you can manage your business to be successful (but not worn out!)

Carol and I also want to find out what each these amazing women feel and think about marketing to women in this day and age and what they would do to change it!

Seriously, this is MUST HAVE information for any marketer. These women are successful in their chosen arenas and are reaping the rewards as a result…. Do you really want to miss this?

We will be opening the lines up to a Question and Answer session – so you will be able to get the answers that you have always been looking for!

Find out how you can listen LIVE for free….


The first interview is this week – September 16 with Madame Marketing followed on September 17 by Robbie Motter.

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About the Author Charly Leetham

Charly Leetham has worked for over 20 years in the IT industry, specifically in the area of data communications and local area networking. Charly is a qualifed "tech", holding an Associate Diploma in Electronics Engineering. Her experience with Personal Computers ranges from building computers to providing 2nd level user support. Charly also holds a Masters of Business Admin (MBA), specialising in Internet Marketing. Visit her site at ArvoreenTreasures.com

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