What Social Networks Work For You?

Being a Social Creature, I love social networking.  O.K, so  I love networking and meeting new people and although it takes time, so do business mixers and generally developing business relationships.

Effective Social Networking is really about managing my time appropriately.

When I look to ‘play’ on a Social Network, I consider the following three questions and if I can answer them in the affirmative, then I believe the network is rights for me. The questions are:

  1. Is this place the right place for me and my business?
  2. Am I meeting people who I would be comfortable doing business with and recommending to others?
  3. Is this the best use of my time?

Remember though, to be able to answer these questions appropriately, I need to invest some of my precious time in these environments to see what they are about.

I thought I would recommend 5 networks that, when used effectively, seem to be giving me most benefit, maybe they will suit you too.  If you click on the links below, you will see my profile or invitation to join the networks and, if you do decide to join, you will automatically connected to me.

1. ECademy – even the free membership provides lots of benefits.  A social network aimed at Business people.  Add to that, I’m also seeing my results in the Search Engines, so it is worthwhile!

2. Ryze – specifically the Women Business Owners network.  That was the main reason I joined Ryze. I only use the Free service and have great benefits.

3. Naymz – Excellent profiling site and when you get enough reputation points (which are easy enough to get), Naymz will provide a ‘top link’ on Google for your name.  Great opportunity.  Again, the free service is excellent.

4. FastPitch Online – The free service is o.k on FastPitch, but I upgraded to their premium service and have access to the Press Release Service.  Since releasing my first Press Release last week, I have had several Google alerts for it.  It works.

5. LinkedIn – LinkedIn is definitely a business network.  I don’t use it overly much, but I do see Google alerts for my profile and the answers I provide to Questions.  Easy to use and setup, the free service is worth considering.

If you think they will work for you – then come and join me there.

Leave your profile links to your favorite networks in the comments below and I’ll visit and connect with you too…..

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