VIDEO: Do You Digg It?

A few months ago, I posted about Web 2.0 and social networking. Yesterday, I received an email about Digg and how to use it. I figured, the best way to explain it, is to show it, so I started up Camtasia and recorded a presentation on how to use Digg to promote your sites.

For those new to the scene, is a site where you can share sites that are of interest to you with a wider community and they share theirs with you. It is important to make friends on Digg so that you can ask them to look at your “bookmarks” and vote on them.

The more Diggs you get, the higher the site ranks on Digg itself and then, by relation, on Google. This is because Digg is classed as an “authority” site by Google – it has lots of new content. By Bookmarking your sites of interest on Digg, you are giving yourself a one way link from that authority site to your site.

The concept is sound and does work. However, you are advised to bookmark sites other than your own as well as the idea of Digg is to share lots of information, not just use it as a method to promote your own sites…… Be a useful member of the community….

I am also available for consultation and 1:1 assistance for setting up and organising your online presence. This assistance can be in the form of interactive tutorials (I video the session and you get a copy of that video) or to perform the work For more information, please use the form below.

Two other sites that I have had great success with are:

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