Twitter: DMs Used To Spread Twitter Virus

Yet another virus is sweeping Twitter – this one a little more dangerous than the others.  Mashable reports:

We have received multiple reports that a new, convincing, and dangerous worm and phishing scam is making the rounds on Twitter. Hacked accounts are sending DMs to users and stealing their login information. In fact, one of our own has received one of these direct messages.

They go on to state that the virus is dangerous because the login page is believable and the DM’s are being received from people you know.

Avoid being caught – If you receive this DM, Do Not click the link.  Ignore the DM.

For full details, see WARNING: Twitter Worm Spreading via Direct Messages

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  1. Thanks for the information. Sad to know that Twitter is experiencing this kind of problem now. It only proves that popularity usually comes along with serious problems. Not only for them, but for all famous sites that are commonly used by internet addicts.

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