Twitter Tips and a Question

Twitter is a fantastic tool.  Twitter has been described as a micro blogging tool, but what does it mean and how can you use it?

With Twitter, you connect to a wider International community by sending, and reading, 140  character text messages.  The question that your Twitter interface generally asks is “What are you doing now?”  Take that question and respond with imagination.

Two of my favourite Tweeters would have to be Mari Smith and Coach Deb – they manage to provide almost blow by blow descriptions of their day without being intrusive.  They also provide heaps of great information that you can use too.

Of course, I also connect with other wonderful people like Kim Beasley, Carol Dickson-Carr, Carol Deckert, Julie Wolf, Sally Witt and a whole host of others…..

I love Twitter because I work from home and often alone, so receiving little messages from all over the world during my day at least makes me feel “connected”.

I have seen Twitter used to write a book,  (Coach Deb and Warren Whitlock are writing the Twitter handbook) and I’ve even attended a Twitter party and had Twiteritas and Twips!

Seriously though, I also get a fair amount of traffic to my websites from Twitter, by carefully broadcasting various links to blog posts of interest via Tweets.

Let’s look at some terminology:

Tweet – A 140 character text message sent via Twitter

Twitterer or Tweeter – The person who sends the Tweet

Direct Message – A message sent from one Tweeter to another, that is only seen by those parties. You send a direct message by using a ‘d’ infront of your message.  e.g to Direct message me enter, d charlyjl I love Twitter too!

Replies – A way to speak directly to a particular Tweeter but include the Twitter community in the conversation.  You “reply” to someone by prefixing their username with the @ e.g @charlyjl isn’t Twitter great?

Hash Tags – a way to track a conversation about a particular topic.  Prefix the topic to track by a # sign, e.g #Twitter Handbook, #Australia, #Twitter.

The question that you should ask yourself and respond on this post is, What type of Tweets do you prefer to get?  What are the Tweets you read or respond to?

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2 Responses to “Twitter Tips and a Question”

  1. Aloha,

    Thanks for the kudos about my tweets! (Mwaaaah! – that’s a big internet sloppy kiss on da forehead!)

    You captured my thoughts / motivation exactly when you said:

    “I love Twitter because I work from home and often alone, so receiving little messages from all over the world during my day at least makes me feel “connected”.

    Even though I’ve got a partner in an office two doors down – I still often feel “isolated” especially because he and I work so differently. I like working WITH people to accomplish a task faster – he prefers going solo. (imagine my frustration)

    So when I tweet w/ my friends on Twitter – I feel “connected” and motivated to get that next project done – b/c I know 50+ other people are doing the exact same thing all across the world.

    Not to mention the brilliant minds I have access to at my fingertips.

    ahhh… can you tell why I’m SO addicted to TWitter & LOVE my followers – like YOU!!!

    The other cool thing – is that now I recognize your face anywhere you go – b/c I’ve seen your replies to my questions on Twitter & now – you’re a familiar face who has turned into a friend.

    Thanks for being there!
    Keep on Tweetin!


  2. Thanks a mil for the props, Charly!! Twittering is just a hoot, eh? Sheesh, was there ever life before Facebook and Twitter? haha

    Seriously, along with being totally connected to my fab community wherever I go on my travels, my mom reads my tweets and knows where I am and what I’m up to in any given moment. ? that!!!


    Mari Smith’s last blog post..What To Do With Constant Facebook App Invites

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