Product Review: Web 2.0 Wealth

Approximately two weeks I was the winner of Alex Sysoefs Web 2.0 Wealth Program, as part of a contest Alex is running. I’ve looked at this product multiple times and still didn’t have a great feel for what it was, or how great it is! The article discusses my experience and impressions of the product.

Web 2.0 Wealth is a comprehensive series of videos that walks you through how to install, configure and monetize a blog so that you can start earning money right away. The Videos are presented by Alex himself and are generally 20 minutes long – which is great for someone like me who has a short attention span.

Even better, I had to nothing to be able to view the videos. I simply unzipped the files I received to my computer, clicked on the index page for the video I wanted to view and off I went.

The videos can also be paused during the session to allow you to try what Alex is suggesting, or to take a quick break.

When I went through these videos, I had my blog window open and was doing what Alex recommended then and there. I was able to pause the video and do what needed to be done on my blog. If I had trouble, I simply moved the video back a little and watched again. Some of the videos I’ve already watched several times, just to understand the process.

I’ve heard and read a lot about monetizing your blog and have made a few attempts to monetize my own blogs. After watching the monetize video which is part of the package, I realised how far I fell short! Alex clearly demonstrated how to set up your blog to be monetized and provides a number of great suggestions for extending your monetization options.

This videos also introduce and explain a number of plugins to extend your blogs functionality. Whilst a number of the plugins have evolved since the videos were produced and their management differs, the differences are manageable and the basic principles stay the same.

I was a little concerned when I first looked at the package that it clearly stated the process was for a new blog only. When I opened the package and found that Alex had included a pre-packaged copy of WordPress with a modified theme that includes all the monetization and social networking options shown in the Videos, I understood why!

I did try to overwrite one of my existing blogs with the prepackaged theme from the Web 2.0 Wealth package – it didn’t work well! I reverted the theme back to the original and implemented most of the options shown in the Videos and ended up with a very similar result!

Alex clearly demonstrates his understanding and knowledge in blogging and web 2.0 strategies. I fully recommend this product to anyone – even if you already have a blog. The Web 2.0 Wealth package comes with:

  1. Web 2.0 Wealth Core Package: Set of 8 videos total plus complete PDF guide
  2. 8 More Videos to take the brand new Web 2.0 WordPress blog beyond basics
  3. 10 Bonus products to expand profits potential (first 500 customers only)

This Free Ebook: Easy Blogging has been developed by Alex as well and gives a great insight into the Web 2.0 Wealth package.

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