Blogging Comments, SEO and SPAM

Today, I’m going to talk about commenting on blogs and one of my pet hates when auditing the comments on my blogs.

We all know that comments to blog posts are an excellent way to generate back links to your blog, thus improving its search engine rankings.

This is an extremely valid method for link generation and, when used properly, is extremely effective.

The one thing that I have seen though is the amount of abuse that this is open to! What is even more annoying is that a number of the comments that I audit as spam seem to be automatically generated. The entries on my blogs are even read – these commentors are just using my efforts in an attempt to get their site or blog to rank more highly. This is SPAM!

I have recently obtained two automatic blog commenters and can now see how these comments occur. The thing I have to say is that they are of no benefit to the commentator or to me. I mark these comments as SPAM and, in some cases, I blacklist the IP address.

I take great pride in ensuring that the content on my blogs is relevant to the niche that I am writing about and not spurious. I also believe that irrelevant links will affect my overall search engine ranking and I’m not playing……

Let me say that I will make use of the automatic commentor software that I have obtained. However, I will use it carefully and make sure that I am commenting on appropriate blogs and with appropriate comments. I urge everyone else to do so to.

In order to manage the amount of SPAM comments on my blog, I have installed (or in the process of installing) Spam Karma 2 on each of my blogs. This will help manage the SPAM that I am seeing.

I consider a SPAM comment to be a link to a blog or a site not related to the niche that my blog targets. Examples of the SPAM comments that I see on my blogs seem to target mostly Drug sites (xanax etc) and Credit Cards however, recently I have also seen Holiday houses used as well.

Commentators beware – I will SPAM irrelevant comments and blacklist IP addresses to ensure that my blog remains “pure”. I encourage comments on my blogs – they are great feedback and, do assist in SEO, but I only encourage relevant comments……

What type of comments are you seeing on your blog and how do you feel about them?

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5 Responses to “Blogging Comments, SEO and SPAM”

  1. Hi, lady! I’m also a relatively new member of Wonderful Web Women. I agree, and I feel your pain and aggravation! In fact, just yesterday I marked four new “posts” to one blog I have about credit as SPAM, and I deleted another two posts that had previously gotten approved, but then strayed from their original topic.

    The latter two required human interaction, but the others are almost always posted using an automated tool. This is common, I’m finding.

    Even on some of the video sites, I’m seeing one person repeatedly “abuse” some tool by saying — “NameDeleted here, just making an appearance…

    …nice video.” A lame comment, and I’ve seen this spammed generic comment on multiple sites (so I think it is an automated process). It’s also on Digg and some other social bookmarking sites, in a similar fashion (and usually near the top of the list). Thanks for asking. I’m doing what you’re doing; I delete and/or mark as spam if and when appropriate. There is too much clutter and useless info out there to allow further “‘net pollution” w/ blog spam…

    Cheri Sigmon

    p.s. If you happen to see any spam, please let the blog owner know, including my blog… I don’t get to check it every day since I have several sites to maintain and operate, plus other engagements.

    My blog that was spammed is -

  2. Hi Cheri,
    Welcome to my blog and THANK YOU for the great comments. SPAM comments are incredibly annoying and, I think, quite rude.

    I love your comment about letting the blog owners know about spam comments, I will update my blog soon to put a contact form on it so it is easy to let me know.

    I had a look at your blog and can see how you get lots of SPAM comments – you must be particularly busy!

    To your success,

  3. Hi Charly: I’m another Wonderful Web Woman member. Yes, I seem to be getting spammed a lot too. It is frustrating but it is easy to tell sometimes that it’s spam, so I just delete it. I am fairly new to blogging and like the look of your blog and interesting articles you’ve posted.


    Cheryl’s last blog post..Self-Defense, Women Fighting Back And Trusting Your Instincts!!

  4. Welcome Cheryl. Since I installed Spam Karma in late January, I have captured 204 SPAMs! Spam Karma has helped, because I haven’t had to do a thing! I guess being Spammed is one way we can tell if our message is getting out!

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