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Social Networking – How Does It Work?

It has taken me some time to understand the whole Social Networking and Social Bookmarking concept and how it can improve traffic to your site. I am slowly starting to understand how I can use them. More importantly, I am being to see how I can share interesting sites with others.

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Is Your Blog Fresh?

One of the things that challenges that I am faced with in running my blogs (and I have several) is finding new and interesting information to post about. I am well aware of the fact that great content is a necessity to keep my readers interested and get them to come back and I am [...]

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What is Web 2.0 and Does It Work?

Have you been inundated this week with wave of Web 2.0 advertisements and offerings? I have! What worries me is that I know that I don’t know anywhere near enough about Web 2.o and I’m not comfortable investing money into the offerings because I don’t know. Then it concerns me that I may be missing [...]

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