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[PodCast] Is Twitter A SEO Tool? Jurys Out

Today, I had a fascinating discussion with a group of marketers about Twitter and SEO. The discussion centered around the fact that Twitter provides great Spider Bait and because of this you should be “Tweeting” your links to Twitter. During the discussion is was also asserted that because Twitter is good Spider Bait the more [...]

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PODCAST: So Easy Even A Child Could Do It

What happens when a 13 year old listens to the conversations of the adult marketers around him and decides it’s time to do something for himself? The result is really quite interesting..

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Calling All Women Marketers – Have You Got Talent?

In May 2008, there will be a showcase of Womens Internet Marketers Talent. You too can participate and get loads of coverage for your event and product / service. The event is open to any woman who runs an online business – a business that sells a product or service on the internet (with the [...]

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