Where Do I Find Products To Offer My List?

As a marketer, we are always looking for products that we can offer to our followers.  These are offered as ‘rewards’ or ‘gifts’ or even to sell.

The question is, what services exist that give you what you need.  That is, access to new, current products that are what people are looking for?

There are a number of membership services that give you access to the latest Private Label Rights (PLR), Master Resale Rights (MRR) or Resale Rights (RR) products… some cost a lot per month, some only have specific focusses and some just aren’t worth the time.

For a while, I subscribed to a service that gave me access to 2 PLR products a month – Ebooks.  These were in the Internet Marketing niche however, I found that they were poorly written and I didn’t really consider the service ‘value for money’.  So I cancelled that service….

For a while, I have been a member of Magnetic Vault – hosted by Darren Blake a fellow Australian – and I always check the Magnetic Vault out first when I’m looking for something and I am always surprised what I find there.

Magnetic Vault is just great – Darren makes sure that there are a range of products available to his members in many, many niches.  the Magnetic Vault offers a range of MRR, RR and PLR products that will be a benefit to your offerings.

Some examples of the latest downloads available from the Magnetic Vault include:

  • Successful Career Change Tactics Revealed – PLR
  • Easy Ezine Profits – PLR
  • Easy Cash Blueprint – PLR
  • Simple Affiliate Secrets – PLR
  • Quick Profit Secrets – PLR
  • Turning The Herd Into Cash – PLR
  • Dog Health Exposed – PLR
    Perfect Handbook For Imperfect Dog Owners

As you can see there are a number of Internet Marketing products here, but also Niche products…. Other niche products include:

  • How To Get Rid of A Toothache Naturally – PLR
  • Weight Loss Oracle – MRR
  • Home Decorating – RR/Personal Use PLR
  • Law Of Attraction – RR/Personal Use PLR
  • Beginner’s Guide To Horse Training – MRR
  • Kids Birthday Parties – MRR
  • Dog Breeding – MRR
  • Wood Working 101 – PLR

Heaps of stuff in just about any niche…..

At the time of writing, Magnetice Vault cost $10USD per month – what a bonus!  For $10 USD a month, you can download any number of products with graphics and sales pages (mostly, some don’t) …. that is a real bargin.

If your looking for a product to offer your list, want something to resell or looking for good quality base content… consider The Magnetic Vault – I love it…

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