What Every Audio Interview Needs – A Transcription

Audio interviews & Podcasts are being hailed as a great method to increase traffic to your site / blog. In my experience, that’s correct. I also love doing audio interviews to help with product / service promotion, because I can provide, generally, a unique view of the person behind the product / service. I also just love being able to find out more about the people behind the scenes, so to speak.

I also love listening to audios, I can listen to the audio whilst working. However, I know that there are people who prefer to be able read and see what the interview is about, and, at times I have found a transcription of the interview really helpful.

I have a long line of interviews that I have conducted that I want to transcribe. I haven’t mentioned it to anyone, but my family…. What a pleasant surprise I got when I found one of my colleagues has just set a transcription service.

Joan Adams, a colleague of mine, has just launched “Transcription By Joan“.

Joan is a semi-retired medical transcriptionist and has extensive experience in Medical (Psychological) transcription. She has also worked in sales for FARS, an electronic check recovery system, Access Integrated Networks – a telephone service provider, and Bell-South – another telephone service provider. Joan will transcribe work for you from microcassette or from MP3 files.

Joan is a lovely person to know and I have no doubt that she will provide you with a professional service. If you would like your interviews or audios transcribed, check out Transcription By Joan

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