Using Physical Info Products To Create A Residual Income

As one of my friends in the Internet Marketing world says – don’t do as the gurus say, do as the gurus do.

Looking at what many of the gurus are doing, and have been doing over the last few years I noticed that many of them have been delivering their training packages and products in a physical format and charging a lot more than the same digital download product.

I have looked into delivering physical versions of my products previously but found it all too difficult and, when everything is taken into consideration, all too expensive. The expense is generally because I wanted to do a “short run” production and the per unit costs are high as a result or, to bring to the per unit cost down, a large up front investment is required.

Wouldn’t you love to be able to convert your digital products, Audio/Video content, PLR products or resale rights products to PHYSICAL CD/DVD’s and deliver them to your customers quickly, easily, and cost effectively?

There are two reasons why you should consider selling physical products.

1. Physical products have a high perceived value and sell for much higher prices than digital products.
2. Physical products have very low refund rates and almost always keep your customers satisfied!

However, not withstanding the business benefits to ourselves, what about the benefits to our customers of physical products?

I love listening to audios of teleseminars and training courses in the car while I’m driving, or waiting for the kids, and I don’t have a MP3 CD player in the car. So physical CDs are a must. Whilst I know I can convert MP3s to CD format, it takes time and I need to do it – which generally doesn’t happen. I would be much happier just getting the courses in physical format.

I recently found a product that will help me convert my digital products to a physical info product. No need to waste hours of time trying to package, label and ship your CD/DVD’s to your customers.

Disc Mojo Software will completely automate the process and deliver the products to your customer’s doorstep. It interfaces with Kunaki, so once you upload your product to Kunaki and set up Disc Mojo on your server you are all set to receiver orders.

Customer orders are taken using the order page Disc Mojo creates, your product will be burned into CD’s, professionally packed and delivered to your customer using kunaki CD fulfillment service.

I know a number of marketers who use Kunaki already and I’m sure they will love this next step to automate their product delivery.

I myself have already purchased DiscMojo and I’m looking forward to delivering my content in physical format very soon.

This is certainly a product that any marketer who creates their own content, or wants to create their own content, should consider buying.

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