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Recently, I have been receiving messages from people I follow thanking me for following them and then encouraging me to visit their website.  I was wondering how this is achieved, then I found TweetLater.  A neat little application that allows you to schedule your tweets, for when you’re busy, and allows you to automatically follow those who follow you.

TweetLater will also send a message to your new followers, with a little automation from your email client.

Whilst I love the idea of sending a message to my new followers, I really dislike the messages I receive that are “markety” in nature.  When I follow someone, I have already checked out their profile.  Being sent to their marketing site is slightly annoying.

To me, Twitter is a social networking tool that allows me to get to know others better.  I certainly follow URLs that they tweet.  To my mind, sending an email to a new follower that directs someone to a marketing site is a little like meeting someone at a party and then trying to set up an appointment to sell life insurance.

My advice to tweeters is to use the autofollow tools and automated email responses to further develop the “relationship”, but be very careful about appearing to “markety” in appearance.

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