Traffic Exchanges – Good Traffic, or just a waste of time?

In the last six months, I have used three traffic exchanges fairly consistently. When I started, I had no idea what a traffic exchange was or how best to use them. I’m still not sure that I know how to use them best, but at least I understand what they are now.

The three traffic exchanges that I have used consistently are Instant Buzz, Traffic Swarm and Top Surfer. I have had great success with these programs and seen some very interesting sites as well.

Over the weekend, I decided to try out 6 more exchanges. Initially, I signed up to one, but after a little bit I decided to try out the others too. The results I received were very encouraging as well.

What is a Traffic Exchange?

A Traffic Exchange is a site where you can display web sites / pages of your choice and you “surf” to view sites displayed by others. While you are surfing, you receive credits that you can redeem against your site displays. Fairly simple….

However, “surfing” on Traffic Exchanges can be time consuming for a small return. I recognised that very early on. However, I love to just “potter” on the Internet and surf sites to find things of interest. So, I use Traffic Exchanges to serve me pages that may or may not be of interest…. and I have found several pages of interest.

The other thing I do is to get my husband or one of the kids to do some exchange surfing. This provides interesting results as each of them are looking for different things.

The other thing I do is to open several exchanges in different TABs in Firefox, this allows me to load pages and surf a little quicker. I still review the pages that are presented before moving to the next page in the Exchange.

One of the things I have found when using Traffic Exchanges is the range of quality in websites. This in itself is truly beneficial – I see what I like and what I hate. The one thing that has astounded me is the number of web pages that are meant to be a Call To Action and do absolutely nothing, say nothing and are poorly designed.

The pages I dislike the most are the ones that provide a sign up form with no explanation of what you will get or what they are selling. Why would anyone fill in the form? Does it really work?

Using Traffic Exchanges can be quite beneficial, when used properly. Not only do you earn credits to display your own sites, you may find something of interest or you may find page designs that work better than others.

I recommend using the following Traffic Exchanges:

Traffic Splash

Dragon Surf

Advertising Know How by Robert Puddy

I Love Hits

Hit Safari

Fast Easy Traffic

Traffic Swarm

Instant Buzz

Top Surfer

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