The Great Twitter & SEO Experiment so far

TwiiterHere I am at about 2 weeks into my “great Twitter SEO experiment”. My summary so far is that whilst Twitter does provide extra Blog readers, the SEO effects of increasing link ranking in the Search Engines does not happen.

To recap, I want to test the effect of using Twitter to get my blog “to the top” in Google. I chose to use a new site ( as my testing ground, turned off all pinging from the site and just used Twitterfeed to get my message out.

By watching the indexing of my site in Google and watching the traffic statistics, I came to the conclusion that indexing DOES NOT occur through Twitter.

To test my conclusion, I downloaded the SEOQuake Toolbar and set it to show NOFOLLOW links and proceeded to my Twitter page. As I suspected the links on your individual Twitter pages are marked as NOFOLLOW. So what does this mean to the average marketer? Twitter is not effective as a medium to have your site indexed.

Here are screen shots of the Google results when searching for, from 21st April, 25th April and 30th April. As you will note, only current posts are indexed and no refer

Screen Shot of 210408

Screen Shot of 250408

Screen Shot of 300408

As you can see, the site has been indexed on the 21st through TweetMeme as well, but that’s really it.

Traffic stats aren’t anything to write home about either however, considering that there has been no direct marketing of the site, just TwitterFeed, on my behalf, I’m reasonably impressed (but maybe I’m easily impressed!).

So I am now going to widen my test and enable pinging on my site to see the impact.

In conclusion, Twitter is a fantastic tool to share the news and certainly improves readership, but it does not assist in Search Engine rankings when used purely on its own.

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3 Responses to “The Great Twitter & SEO Experiment so far”

  1. Charly,

    It’s great to see the outcome of this. Such an interesting experiment. It makes sense that Twitter would have nofollow links, but it’s good to know that TweetMeme can get you indexed.

    I can’t wait to see if there is a noticeable difference when pinging begins.


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  2. Hi Charly,
    Love the info. I like playing w/ stuff and see what makes things tick. looks like tweets are more for people than the search engines. Twitter can be a good tool. I love how an upcoming event can be broadcasted to many people w/o being invasive or annoying like messengers can be. Keep up the good work.

    Kathy Pop

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