The Great Twitter and SEO Experiment (Day 1)

Today, I set up my new blog to test the effect of Twitter on Search Engine Rankings.

Just a quick recap – there has been discussion amongst a group of colleagues that suggests that Tweeting your links will help raise their rank in Googles Search Engine. This is on the premise that your Tweet (which contains your URL) will appear on all of your followers status pages, the more links to your site, the higher your Search Engine Ranking.

In principle, all very good and well but is that the case in practice? Given a lack of definitive proof, we thought we would put it to the test.

The question has already been asked by a reader why we don’t just use our website statistics to show us what is coming in from Twitter. It’s quite simple really, we’re not looking to find the number of referrals received from Twitter, we want to know the effect of ‘backlinking’ from Twitter to our site has, a very different proposition.

Actions so far:

1. Set up a blog on a clean domain name with no search engine rankings at all. The domain chosen was
2. Use Plug Ins to optimise the blog as much as possible, but turning off automatic pinging functions.
3. Populate the blog with posts that are relevant to the overall blog topic and schedule them to be released one per day.
4. Set up TwitterFeed to Tweet new blog posts.

So here we are at the start of our experiment. Stay tuned for more updates.

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