Royalty Free Video Backgrounds

Video is certainly becoming the ‘way of the web’. The price of Video Cameras has reduced to a price that just everyone has one, tools like Camtasia make screen capture tutorials easy to do and software like WordPress and Audio Acrobat make it incredibly easy to share your videos.

However, if you’re like me… ‘jazzing up your videos’ to be the next level is a challenge. I’m not particularly graphical in nature (thank goodness for my graphic designer) and trying to create my own backgrounds or graphics are a challenge.

I was so pleased when I saw this package… Media Shock FX…

Media shock FX comprises 45 High Quality Video Background Animations. They are 30 seconds long and have a resolution of 640×480 Pixels (29.97 fps).

Take a look at the great royalty free video backgrounds here.

Also included in this amazing package is Screen Snap FX – Screen Capture Video Recording Software. Screen Snap FX is a quick and easy way to record your screen and provide demonstrations, tutorials etc.

Screen Snap FX saves video files in standard AVI (Audio Video Interleave) format, which you can then edit in most current video programs.

If you are creating videos for your website, Media Shock FX is a fantastic addition to your library.

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  1. Besides screen capture software Camtasia, I think DemoCreator is also a good one to create video from your screen and share with your friends. Its powerful editing feature make it easy to make a stunning demonstration video.

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