Product Review: Inexpensive USA Based Workaholics

This week, I purchased and reviewed Inexpensive USA Based Workaholics by Glenn Livingston  and Brian Therrien. I am finding that as my business grows, the need to outsource the work I don’t like or takes me away from business development work grows increasingly.

Sure, many people say ‘just outsource it’ however, the experiences I have had over the years with outsourcing is that ‘not all outsourcers are created equal’.  For outsourcing to work effectively, you have to find the right outsourcing provider for your needs and your business.

The challenge for solopreneurs, and business owners in general, is how to find the right outsourcer. I know from personal experience, that you can spend a lot of time with the wrong outsourcer – you contract them and then spend so much time trying to get your project delivered to a standard that you are happy with (but probably not delighted with).  Or, you can spend a lot of time interviewing and screening outsourcers to make sure you get ‘just the right person’ – of course, the quality of the work delivered using this approach is generally higher than in the first case.

Here’s where I really liked Inexpensive USA Based Workaholics.  Not withstanding that this product shows you how you can find inexpensive resources to outsource too – it also shows you how you can screen potential candidates and find someone who is the right fit for your organization and spend as little as 20 to 30 minutes in doing so.

When I saw the process that Brian Therrien used, and shares with us, the light literally came on. It certainly is a process that I will be implementing with my next piece of outsourcing.

If you are considering outsourcing work, or already outsourcing work but feel that you’re missing something, this is a great resource – for $50 you get the mp3 of the interview with Glenn and Brian, the pdf transcript of the interview, links to the resources discussed in the interview and the step by step process.  Inexpensive USA Based Workaholics will help you systemize the selection of your outsourcing resource.

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  1. Charly…

    Thanks you for the kind comments about Inexpensive USA Based Workaholics.

    There is an abundance of highly talented candidates in our member base and if for some reason you are not able to find the right match for you position(s) I
    would be willing to assist.

    Just send me the link to your Disability Digest Community Profile, The Position Description (that I thought you to set up in the course) and I will swing into action.


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