Podcast: Who Is Mark Hendricks – Internet Success System

I had the great privilege to interview Mark Hendricks from the Internet Success System (ISS). What an interview! Mark shares his experiences readily and his passion to help others become successful becomes apparent throughout the interview.

This interview focuses mostly on “the man behind the mask”, as opposed to focusing the programs that Mark runs. I found it enlightening to learn about the person and, if I was already a member of Marks programs, I most certainly would be after this interview.

The things that I didn’t know about Mark includes that he studied Music at School (he’s a trumpeter) and is also a composer and conductor. Mark describes himself as a Entrepreneur from an early age, with his first business being a mail order music business that he started straight out of school. Mark was self publishing his work and created a database of 1200 to 1500 schools that he then mailed out to about his work….. Voila, a direct marketing business.

When I remarked that being the Coach and Teacher that Mark is now with ISS appears to be a long way from a Music school graduate (and composer and conductor), Mark quickly points out that as a Conductor and Composer, he was still compiling information, directing people and performing the coordination required and that it isn’t really so different. An interesting and inspirational discussion for anyone to listen to.

Marks Internet Marketing experience started in the 80′s when he computerised his business to automate the repetitive tasks but it wasn’t until the 90′s with the advent of the Netscape Web Browser that Mark started using the Internet to enhance his direct marketing campaigns.

The Internet Success System was developed as a result of Mark seeing other businesses struggling to use the Internet and he put together a training course for a small core group of 10 – 12 people.

I hope you enjoy the Podcast

The links to the sites that are discussed in this podcast are:

Market Soft – all of Marks Software products
Internet Success System

Internet Superstars Conference
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Listen to the the speakers for the Superstars conference

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