PODCAST: My Internet Marketing Mistakes, by Diane Corriette

I “met” Diane Corriette online through the Womens Internet Marketing Social Network (part of the Womens Internet Marketing Alliance). Diane is a mother of 3 who makes her living from the Internet.

Over the last couple of months, Diane has impressed me with her approach to Internet Marketing and how she supports other marketers.

Diane released an EBook last week, in response to a number of requests for help that she had received. This EBook is not only in electronic printed format, Diane has taken the time to record it to an audio as well. There is no excuse for not “reading” it.

In this publication, Diane shares a no nonsense view of her experiences (no fluff, no hype), just good down to earth discussion on what she did and why she wouldn’t do it again.

I think this is a publication that everyone should purchase, read it or listen to it again and again and again.

You can grab a copy of this EBook by CLICKING HERE

I will be interviewing Diane on April 16, at 9.30am GMT/UTC (time conversion) – if you would like to participate in that call, please use the form below to register and you will receive full details (plus reminders!)

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  1. I would like to share some news and say hello again and that I am still alive.
    Few webmasters contacted me also from this blog and we should start cooperating soon – Cheers and thanks .

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