[PodCast] Is Twitter A SEO Tool? Jurys Out

Today, I had a fascinating discussion with a group of marketers about Twitter and SEO. The discussion centered around the fact that Twitter provides great Spider Bait and because of this you should be “Tweeting” your links to Twitter. During the discussion is was also asserted that because Twitter is good Spider Bait the more Followers the better. Here’s the logic behind this.

When you sign up to Twitter, you get a Status page which essentially forms a MicroBlog.

Tweeting your links, puts them in your microblog.
Not only that, the links are also placed in your followers microblogs.
Search Engine Spider picks up that one link appears in numerous places, believes the link to be important and gives it a higher ranking. Of course, links that appear in 1000 places get much higher rankings than one that appear in 40!

Based on the basic SEO principles, this means that tweeting your links is good and more followers is great.

Could I find empirical proof that this is the case? Not really.

Does that mean I won’t use Twitter and I won’t Tweet my links? No Way! At least by tweeting my links, my followers see them and they may visit my site, may backline, may comment. It’s still exposure.

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3 Responses to “[PodCast] Is Twitter A SEO Tool? Jurys Out”

  1. As a recent member of twitter, and someone involved in the SEO field I found your article particularly interesting. I will be experimenting over the next few weeks to see what comes of my tweeting and efforts. Thanks for the insight.

    Zach Katkin’s last blog post..5 Reasons People Unsubcribe From Email Newsletters

  2. Hi Zach, Please let me know how your experiments go. I am most interesting.

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