PODCAST: Get Off Your Duff With Sean Roach

Sean RoachOn Wednesday 14 May 2008, Stuart and I headed to Sydney to receive training from Pat Lovell, Sean Roach, Robert Puddy and Ryan, the “big guns” of the Rip2It team, on the Rip2It package that we are proud owners of.

Rip2It is a package that consists of products and services to generate 3rd Party Residual income. Rip2It was created originally by Pat Lovell to take advantage of Pay-Per-Click Earnings, in approximately 2003. The premise of a Rip2It site is that it is a BillBoard site for a specific niche. Billboard, in that it provides useful information about the topic being searched for and products to fill that need. The site is populated with Pay-Per-Click ads, as well as third party products from Clickbank and Amazon (too name two providers), as standard.

As a Rip2It customer, we receive a certain number of pre-made niche sites each month, pre-populated with our affiliate ids for the different suppliers. All we have to do is, put the site on our hosting platform (included in the Rip2It package); choose an appropriate domain name, or sub domain; and start blogging and article marketing. As the sites already come with articles, a little bit of work must be done to personalise them and ensure that they are unique, but all of the hard work is done for us. No page generation, no link generation – it’s just all there. If we want, we can add our own niche product to the site. So if I have a great product that I have created that fits the theme of the niche site I’ve just engaged, all I need do is log in to my administration area on the site, add my product and voila! it’s active.

There were many “A-Ha” moments for both Stuart and I during the day, but the one thing I truly didn’t realise is that the pre-made sites are based on hungry niches that Seans team identify through the corporate world, research and then develop! Wow! That’s a lot of work.

The Rip2It package also allows us to request a number of unique sites each month. So, in our wanderings through the Internet, we are always on the lookout for questions that need answering – we use this information to request a unique site, which Seans team then generates for us. Now, this isn’t just a matter of the Rip2It team throwing together whatever they have on hand that may relate to the topic requested, they research it, write articles and develop the site accordingly.

AND….. on top of that, the Rip2It system allows you to create as many sites as you like! These don’t come with articles etc, but with a little bit of hard work, these can be generated.

The Rip2It Team are dedicated to helping people succeed. The package they have put together is great and will, if used correctly, generate 3rd Party Residual income.

I took the opportunity to interview Sean Roach, the “George Cloonie of the Internet Marketing World”. I hope you enjoy the Interview as much as I did.

Who is Sean Roach? If you haven’t seen Sean speak at an event, then meet Sean Roach by watching this video.

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  1. Hi Charly – enjoyed your interview with Sean because you canvassed a few different areas than I did in mine.

    I agree that it was a good training day. I picked up a lot of tips about making Rip2It work for me.

    Malcolm Farnsworth’s last blog post..Audio Interview: Getting Started In An Online Business

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