New Giveaway Events – List Building Opportunities

As many of my readers know, I think Giveaway events are a wonderful way to build your subscriber list.  I have recently joined a number as a contributor and would like to extend the invite to others to join as a contributor, offer a free product (generally downloadable) and grow your list of people interested in your products.

Here are the events that are currently looking for contributors.  Join as a contributor now and put your free product in front of 100′s if not 1000′s of people.

Massive Summer Giveaway
Start: 2008-06-16
End: 2008-09-04
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Run by yours truly and Scott Drake

Video Lists Giveaway
Start: 2008-08-15
End: 2008-09-07
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Viral, Rebrandable Money Machines
Start: 2008-08-12
End: 2008-08-26
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Internet Marketing Stampede
Start: 2008-08-19
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Olympic Giveaway
Start: 2008-08-08
End: 2008-08-24
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Original PLR Giveaway
Start: 2008-08-29
End: 2008-09-11
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These events are underway and you can join as a member:

Massive Monthly Giveaway – August 08
Start: 2008-08-11
End: 2008-08-18
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