New Exit Technology – Easy To Install, Easy To Use – Increases Conversions and Sales

Back in November, I wrote about Pop-Ups – and whether you Love Them, Or Hate Them and in that article, I discussed the fact that testing indicated that your visitors response to an offer was increased.

I was recently contacted by Dave Guindan and asked to promote his new Exit Splash product – which, on the surface looked like just another exit pop-up.  However, after evaluating Exit Splash and testing it on a site – I now know it is so much more.

Exit Splash uses exit technology to detects when your visitor is leaving your  site and encourages them to take a look at an offer…. the offer may be the opportunity to subscribe to your newsletter, a downsell or even an upsell….

The way Dave has put this product together is really quite cool.  Dave provides two seperate functions in Exit Splash

Exit Technology

Exit Splash ‘warns’ your visitor they are going to get an offer – by popping up a warning dialogue box, playing an audio and displaying an image on the page behind.

Exit Splash will literally talk to your visitor and give them directions on what to do next to take find out what the offer is.

The audio instruction is reinforced by an image that is displayed on the page behind the dialogue box.  This image gives visual instructions on what to do next….

For an example of this visit My Exit Splash – once the page loads, refresh the screen and watch the results!

Dave’s script is so smart, that it won’t load if you are changing pages on the site…. One of the main downfalls of many other exit scripts is that you need to put code into your onsite links to ensure the exit popup doesn’t ‘pop-up’ while navigating the site.  With Exit Splash – simply install the script, create the embed code and you’re running.

Viral Twitter Box

I’ve been writing about Twitter for a while – and I love it.  Twitter giveaways are becoming a real thing too — ask for your offer to be ‘re-tweeted’ and offer a gift.

With the Exit Splash Viral Twitter Box, all you need to do is generate the embed code, put the Viral Twitter Box right into your page and watch your offer go viral.  Here’s an example of a Twitter Box – and yes, it does work:

Very, very easy to use

What about installing and configuring the scripts??? Even easier.  There are only two scripts – and all you need to do is FTP (or upload them through CPanel) them to your server.

To get the embed code, point your browser to the configuration tool that Dave provides, answer a few simple questions and then cut and paste the generated code into your webpage.

Exit Splash is released on April 21… and I’m offering over $400 in bonuses when you purchase Exit Splash.  The launch price for Exit Splash will be under $50 — and it’s well worth the price.

Full details of my Exit Splash Bonuses worth over $400 and a demonstration of the product can be found at My Exit Splash

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