Money Mindset: Do You Know What It Is

Yes To Financial Fitness

This isn’t exactly an Internet Marketing related topic, but…. it will help your Internet Marketing endeavours.  My friend Judith Stephens, The Money Lady, has recently launched her new site Yes To Financial Fitness which, in Judiths own words:

is all about the money — learning about money, talking about money,  attracting money, using our growing knowledge and financial expertise to benefit you greatly.

So what does this have to do with Internet Marketing – simply, we want to build online businesses to make money.  Whether that money is to pay out debt, improve your living standards and lifestyle or even to give more to charity – it doesn’t matter, the starting point remains the same – we want to make money.

The problem for many is that we aren’t educated about money until it’s too late.  We don’t know how to manage it (it sometimes seems to manage us!) and we don’t know how to make it work for us.

Judith wants to change that – she wants to help people learn about money and improve their lives.  In a recent interview with Katherine Reschke from Passions That Pay, Judith shares her thoughts on developing a healthy Money Mindset.

When you consider the spate of emails that have been sent lately within the Internet Marketing arena playing on the ‘doom and gloom’ of the recession, the lack of ready funds and the general poor state of the economy – it was great to listen to Katherine and Judith speak in terms of developing and maintaining a mindset that attracts wealth and financial wellbeing.  That discussion alone reinforced my decision to delete any message from inbox with those negative subject lines.

One of the interesting points that Judith raises, which is really pertinent to Internet Marketing, is pricing your products and services.  Judith feels that many of the issues with pricing is that we just ‘don’t know’ what is acceptable or what works and as such, we may very easily underprice and hurt  ourselves in the meantime.  I found this a fascinating discussion because I came from the Corporate world where I was responsible for determining the price points of our services and ensuring profitability.  Judiths discussion reminded me of so many things that I have been ignoring in the scheme of things – like marketing time, free giveaways, product development and just plain ‘non recoverable’ time.

So why is Mindset so important when it comes to money?  It’s a simple as preparing your mind to attract, receive and to manifest money in our lives.  When we have the right money mindset we have so many positive options available to us: We can make more money; We can be part of something bigger and work for the greater good… and so on.

Then there was the discussion about ‘opening your eyes to money’. Katherine relates a story about a friend who decides that she will be aware of pennies just laying around, and all of a sudden there are pennies everywhere!  However, Judith points out quite succinctly, that if we decided to become aware of $10 notes, there would be an abundance of them as well.

I found this interview absolutely fascinating and it has made me stop and think about what I can do to improve my money mindset.  Listen to Judiths interview below:

So what’s you’re money mindset?

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  1. Charly,
    I am so glad you enjoyed this interview as much as I enjoyed creating it. Mindset is the beginning, middle and end of everything we do. If you have a poverty mindset you will struggle to make money all your life.


    Katherine Reschkes last blog post..Today on my BTR show….

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