How Can Giveaways Work For My Business?

Want to know more about these Giveaway Events you see promoted online and that seem to show up in your mailbox every few minutes?  They all have names that make them sound like they are a brand new, marvelous event and that you will lose out big-time if you don’t get right over there and grab your free software and ebooks.

The truth is that a giveaway is not truly free. In order for you (or your referral) to receive your free gifts, you have to give your email address away to every marketer whose product you download. Not only can that clog your mailbox with emails promoting one thing or another several times a day, everyday, it can be most inconvenient.  It is, however, the price you pay for your new load of ebooks and software.

Since Giveaways seem to be a permanent and very popular online event, let’s check out how they work.

Let’s look at how Giveaways work for contributors …. A contributor is someone who provides a gift that is included in the Giveaway event.  As a contributor to the event, you will get a new subscriber to your list for every person who downloads your products. Seasoned contributors often offer multiple products to the Giveaway, which multiplies their opportunities for list building. For contributors, a targetted giveaway event is a great way to build your list.

Giveaways are also great for the giveaway owner.  In fact, the site owner benefits most from a giveaway event, as they get the benefit of your initial signup when you first visit the Giveaway plus all the referrals (people) you send to the site because you normally have to opt-in with your email address before you can even see the products being offered for free download.

Can I Really Make Money?

There are several ways for you to make money as a contributor to a Giveaway.  The main way you can make money is indirectly – by building your list, it is possible to bring in a steady income if your list likes the products you are offering them in your follow-up emails.

Another way to make money is by promoting the Giveaway to your lists, on forums and in your signature anywhere you use it. This is because when you become a contributor, you are given a link to send your referrals to – this is also known as an affiliate ID or affiliate link.  When someone uses your affiliate link to visit a Giveaway and buys the One Time Offer (OTO), you as the referrer gets the commission for the sale.

Other Benefits…

Another benefit of using your affiliate link, is that when you refer people to the Giveaway event, your offer is ‘ranked higher’ and is displayed on ‘higher’ or ‘earlier’ pages on the Giveaway event. By having your gift displayed on pages as close to the first page as possible, you increase the number of optins you will receive.

Promoting a Giveaway Event that you contribute too is an absolute must!  Not only is it ‘correct etiquette’, the more referrals you make the more you will benefit. Some events won’t allow you to add a product, or display your product, to the Giveaway until you have sent a certain amount of traffic through your affiliate link.

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