Jokebox Giveaway & Giveaway Manager 2 – Is it a Joke? Unconscionable Behaviour

Software piracy is a serious thing and should be treated as such. Yesterday morning, I signed up to a new Giveaway event tagged as Jokebox Giveaway. It is being run using the Giveaway Manager 2 software, an awesome piece of code that Brad and Guido have spent considerable time, energy and money on developing and implementing.

This morning, I received an official announcement from the creators of the Giveaway Manager 2 software, stating that they believe the code to be stolen and that further investigative actions were being taken.

Brad and Guido knew on the day of release of GWM2 that they had been “done over”. A party had decoded their payment buttons and stolen the code. Whilst they had made an announcement to the effect that the code had been stolen, not once did they mention names.

The Giveaway Manager announcement:


This is not a joke, or a marketing tactic.
This is a serious crime.
You are likely to be affected in SOME way as a result of this…


During the launch of Giveaway Manager 2 we tracked down a person who hacked around PayPal buttons to claim the software.

He is now running his own event with the (stolen) software.

We’ve disclosed the details of this on the blog:

If you have any supporting information about this person, then please contact me via my support centre:

This is also now a legal matter between myself and my partner, along with PayPal, domain registrars, hosting suppliers, online legal entities, and the FBI.

I urge you to read the blog to see if you have this person on your own autoresponder, and if the same person has stolen from YOU.



Not long ago, I received an email from the administrators of Jokebox, freely offering FREE copies of the licensed code to anyone who wanted to ask for it. Their email:

Amongst the alledged alligations that have been made against me, i feel it fair that i retaliate back, i have decided to broadcast the 2 download links to The software that they say i have stolen.

Download Giveaway Manager 2 From < >

Download Giveaway Announcer Pro from < >

Have fun i know that someone will want to download the software forr FREE as i have had 14 emails asking me to sell the software to them.

If you really want the software send me a email and i will send you the password to open it


If the code was not stolen, as the Jbox email is trying to imply, the action of offering it for free definitely constitutes theft.

I can not support this type of behaviour. Their last set of actions have truly breached my code of ethical conduct and I will not support their event.

For those who have taken up their “kind” offer of free software – BEWARE. You are liable for prosecution by accepting the software.

I urge anyone who has signed up for this event, or is considering signing up, to not support it. Their behaviour should not be rewarded.

If you REALLY want a copy of Giveaway Manager 2 – buy a legal copy. Giveaway Manager 2

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7 Responses to “Jokebox Giveaway & Giveaway Manager 2 – Is it a Joke? Unconscionable Behaviour”

  1. Hi Charly

    Thanks for posting.
    I had a lot of threats and insults from this person as a result of our exposure of his activities.

    He’s obviously admitted it !

    Here’s a copy and paste from an email he just sent me – unconscionable ?

    date Thu, May 15, 2008 at 8:01 PM
    subject You lousy snitch

    hide details 8:01 PM (2 hours ago)


    Man why you gotta be like that? I have seen your script pirated all over the net. One thing I cant stand is a snitch. Didn’t anybody teach you to live and let live. Some people will pay for it but due to human nature there will always be those who figure out a way to give away or get copies free. Lets look on your computer and see if you have any copies of something your friends give you or you found on a torrent. The FBI should look on your computer first. You just have to accept that there is no copy protection that cant be broken You think your little goody two shoes script means any thing? File sharing is always going to happen and there is nothing people can do. If i wanted I ll install your script on foreign servers and pay with egold. Not a damn thing you can do about it.
    So get a life and leave innocent script kiddies alone . You making enough money why you gotta ruin people life and be an be snitch

  2. Brad – thank you for sharing. I think their attitude stinks. Whilst they feel that there is nothing to be done about “file sharing”, quaint term for stealing isn’t it?, and that you should just live and let live, I think they are in for a rude shock.

    Theft is theft, regardless of the intent behind it.

    There may not be much you can do to stop this person immediately, but they will be stopped by the authorities and they will pay their debt….. The more they behave in this manner, the larger their debt will be.

    Brad, you have my full support and I hope this is resolved soon for you.

    Charly Leetham’s last blog post..Jokebox Giveaway & Giveaway Manager 2 – Is it a Joke? Unconscionable Behaviour

  3. Thanks so much for letting me know about this.

    I am in shock. I cannot understand why anyone would do this. I greatly appreciate you putting the word out on this one.
    albert grande

    Albert Grande’s last blog post..Amnesty International: Music for Human Rights

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