Internet Marketing: Global Business – Save Money On Your Phone Calls

One of the concerns that I had when starting to listen to teleseminars was the sheer cost of the phone call from Australia.  It can add up, and when you consider that I spend on average 3 to 4 hours a week on the phone to the US now, those costs can be staggering.

Skype is sometimes an option, but I find that when I am trying to do the interview or speak the quality isn’t always that great (it could be a function of my broadband connection) and drop outs occur frequently enough to be a nuisance.

Then someone mentioned a calling card to me to save money on overseas calls.  However, not all calling cards are created equally – the underlying service providers may not be all that reliable.  So I decided to look around and try a card.  I was very fortunate to find a card that not only saved me a bundle of money, it worked first time.

Using the card I choose, costs me $0.01 per minute to call the US.  Less than Skype for the US.  The card I found, is the Easy Calling Card.  I highly recommend it.

Phone Card Choice

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