Video: Having Problems With Images & WordPress 2.5 onwards?

The other day, I started the task of upgrading my blogs to WordPress 2.5.1. This blog is still to be done, but overall the process is relatively simple.

What wasn’t simple though, after upgrading, was getting images to upload through the visual editor. In fact, it was impossible – I just kept getting a “HTTP ERROR” and it was extremely annoying. Searches showed that this was experienced by many others and some people were so annoyed by it, they had downgraded their blogs 2.3.3 just to get around it. Others, were uploading images via FTP or through CPanel and using the URL to display to them.

The solution, I discovered is very simple and takes only a few minutes to implement. In order to make it easy for people, I have videoed the process so that you can fix image uploads on your WordPress 2.5 and upwards blogs yourself.

The code to insert into the .htaccess file for the blog (it should be in the main directory that the blog resides in), is:

SecFilterEngine Off
SecFilterScanPOST Off

Copy and paste the above lines straight into the .htaccess file and your image upload problems should be resolved.

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