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The Articles of Conferderation, ratified in 1781. This was the format for the United States government until the Constitution.Todays post is a little different to my other posts. It is a bit of a rant….

As many of you will be aware, my two children have launched their own online enterprises. One of the things they are trying to do is to produce a small book with articles by other authors. A bit like “Chicken Soup for the Soul”.

To do this, they have spent a reasonable amount of time reviewing articles at Ezine Articles and deciding which ones within their niche would best suit their requirements. They have then taken the time to contact each of the article authors seperately and seek their written permission to use the article in the book.

They have been very clear to state that the article would be reprinted as is, the author will be given full credit and links to the article will also be provided. As per the publishing TOS at Ezine Articles.

I also want to state that they have undertaken this action on their own, with only some guidance and nagging from me. I have not done any of the research or work for them.

I am astounded by some of the responses. Many of the authors have yet to respond, which whilst frustrating is expected, they may or may not. The ones that have amazed me are those who have then stipulated further conditions, and not particularly nicely. One author in fact gave my daughter her approval on Sunday (we received the notice at 7.34pm on Sunday) and then revoked it at 4.07 am this morning, because my daughter hadn’t responded to yet!

How inconsiderate of my 11 year old daughter to not respond with 32 hours! Oh hang on! At 7.34pm she would have been getting ready to go to bed, so that she could be ready to leave for school at 8am Monday. She didn’t get home until 7pm on Monday and virtually went straight bed. What was she thinking!

Let me state further that the original email contained the authors approval and a general offer of help. The approval was not contingent on a response being received within any given period.

My vitriol in this instance is directed at the fact that I don’t consider not responding to an email within 32 hours as unacceptable. I also think the manner in which this was conducted by the author is rude and inconsiderate.

I have written personally to the author and explained the circumstances and maybe they will change their mind, maybe not.

I am very disappointed in the response of these authors. If I had been approached to have articles that I have placed on Ezine Articles (where I have explicitly given my approval for them to be reused) used, I would be ecstatic to know how and where they would be used. I most certainly would be pleased to have my “authority” distributed further and wider. Then again, maybe these authors aren’t interested in any of that, but I can’t for the life of me think what they are interested in then.

Rant over……

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One Response to “Having Articles Reprinted”

  1. Hi Charly,

    I am so sorry that those writers were rude to your children. Urrrgggghhhhh.

    Tell the children that we are proud of them for taking on this project, and that the behavior of some is not refletive if everyone in the world.


    Dr. Sally

    Dr. Sally Witt’s last blog post..Pamela Pope to guest on the Dr. Sally Show today 4/29 3pm EST

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