Ed Dales Thirty Day Challenge – Is It Possible to Make Money In Thirty Days?

I joined Ed Dales Thirty Day Challenge a number of weeks ago, when a friend asked me to.  I didn’t do much with it until last week.

I was contacted by a friend who was being challenged with one of the steps and invited me to ‘listen in’ to one of their group calls.  I was very honoured and in the process of listening to the call, I became very interested in the challenge.

As a result, I started on the challenge videos, to see what was being taught.

I truly recommend that anyone look at the 30 Day Challenge and watch the training that Ed and his team have prepared.

I watched the Keyword Analysis videos with interest. The series of videos, whilst promoting Marketing Samaurai, also show you how to manually investigate your keywords and determine not only appropriate keywords but analyse whether there is a niche there to promote to.  These lessons are like gold!

My next popular lesson is ‘Becoming A News Master’, part of Week 5.  This video describes, and shows you how to use Google Reader and a cool add-on in writing blog posts and attribution.  Well worth watching.

Which brings me to Add-Ons.  In the Thirty Day Challenge Pre-Season, Ed and his team share a number of great Add-Ons for Flock, and of course, for Firefox.  Well worth the time.

As a learning experience, I recommend that you have a look at the Thirty Day Challenge.  It is free and the learning tools are pretty cool.

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