Calling All Women Marketers – Have You Got Talent?

In May 2008, there will be a showcase of Womens Internet Marketers Talent. You too can participate and get loads of coverage for your event and product / service.

The event is open to any woman who runs an online business – a business that sells a product or service on the internet (with the execption of anything that promotes hatred & sites of an adult nature). The catch? You must be willing to run a FREE event that will give people an opportunity to learn about you and your expertise in your chosen field.

The benefit of doing a FREE event? You can use this opportunity to build your opt-in list and develop your standing within your niche.

The event will be promoted through the Womens Internet Marketers online magazine. The RSS link for this event will be submitted to over 180 podcast directories online, providing even more exposure. The actual event will be promoted in several places around the internet including social networks like Facebook, press releases, using video and through internet radio stations.

I’ve decided to “have a go”. I’m going to be launching a new product in May and the timing is just wonderful! It also gives me a deadline to work to.

If you don’t have a product to promote, or aren’t certain about doing your own event – there is the opportunity to work in a group of 5 to 6 women. What a fabulous idea.

To get more information, visit Women Internet Marketers We’ve Got Talent.

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