Building Your List, Giveaway Style

I have to say that I am a big fan of Giveaway Events. I initially signed up for my first Giveaway Event about 12 months ago (I’m certain it was Stephanie Mulacs Self Improvement Gifts) to find free information, and to my surprise, products.

I was trying to work out this Internet Marketing game and I’m not even sure how I found the event, but I did and signed up.

From there, I worked out I could become a contributor and put up something of my own and start building my list. So, starting with a list of zero, I did! My list is now more than zero, certainly not as large as I would like it, but I did it mostly
with Giveaway events.

My daughter (11), who has two sites she is promoting herself, has decided to join the fun now and is growing her recipes niche list through the events. Her gift is a simple compilation of her favourite recipes (I think there are four in the compilation). For the next event, she will release a different a volume. Do you see how easy it can be?

Many events require you to get a “personal invite” from a contributor to join, so I thought I would share the events that I’m currently contributing to with you. Please note that these are the contributor invitation links, if you want to see what the events are about before deciding to contribute, please use the members links on my Giveaway Events list (

Coach Kathys Cool Tools

Step Into Summer

Profit Work From Home - THIS ONE IS DIFFERENT!

Lady Angel

Great American Bash

Start building your list today, get on board.

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