Are You Making Any Of These SEO Mistakes?

The Stompernet team have done it again. They are offering a 7 part course that will help you crack the code to Top Search Engine Rankings For Good. There is nothing to buy – just sign up for the course and take what they are sharing….

These guys know what they are talking about – it is worthwhile getting the course to help increase your understanding.

In this course, delivered via email over 7 days, Andy Jenkins and his team will share their views on what they consider to be the 7 Deadly Mistakes In SEO.

I think these guys know their stuff…. I subscribed to the Net Effect and DVD of the Month late last year and really look forward to each edition arriving.  By reading and studying what they share, I’ve learned a bundle.

So, do yourself a favor and sign up for this 7 part course – there is no charge… nothing to buy – and start learning and avoiding the 7 deadly SEO mistakes.

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One Response to “Are You Making Any Of These SEO Mistakes?”

  1. The first mistake that comes to mind is overuse of keywords in articles, blogs, etc. The search engines will directly consider this as spam and your web page rank will take a big hit.

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