Are You A Winner?

I am a strong supporter of conferences and seminars as business building techniques. I recommend them for two main reasons. Certainly knowledge gathering and improvement is the obvious answer. Even if you have a lot of knowledge, you will also pick up more by attending a seminar.

However, the largest single benefit that can be gained from attending seminars and conferences is the networking that can be conducted and just being in an environment with like minded people. Being able to network with the “stars” of your industry is an absolute must and helps you develop that “millionaire” mindset.

As I reside in Australia, I have recently attended the World Internet Summit (presented by Brett McFall and Tom Hua) and, just last weekend, attended Brett McFalls, Make Money While You Sleep, seminar. The single greatest thing I got out the last seminar is a renewed energy to develop my online business. Sure, I learnt heaps but, as most people are aware it can be lonely trying to develop your business. Just the energy given off by Brett and his guest presenters and the other participants helped me energise.

The reason I am writing this article is because Mark Hendricks (Internet Success System) is holding the Internet Super Stars Conference on June 14 and 15, 2008.

At this conference, you will learn exactly what it takes to have a profitable and thriving internet business from 8 experts
who’ve done it and know how to show others how to do it too!

Believe me! After attending similar conferences here in Australia – it is True and they do show you how to do it.

If you are developing your online business, this conference is for you.

The speaker line up is impressive:
Mark Hendricks
Alan R. Bechtold
Lori Steffen and Jeff Wark
Ron Capps, PhD
David Perdew
Cindi Dawson
Bill Thomas
Criss Bertling

Mark has provided Pre-Conference interviews with each of these presenters, and you can listen to them here.

For full details on the Internet Superstars Conference, visit this site.

I am a member of Marks Internet Success System and attend his fortnightly group calls. The information that is provided as part of those calls is amazing and I can only imagine what he will give at a live conference.

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