Are Internet Marketers really the Apocalypse?

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An interesting debate (I suppose you could call it that) is surfacing about Internet Marketers using Twitter.

What’s the fuss about? Well, any one who is a “honourable” Internet Marketer will know that we are often “tarred with the same brush” as the “spammers”, charlatans and scammers that abound on the ‘Net. Certainly, I held this kind of belief before I did my research on starting an online business. However, after a LOT of research and searching, I have found that whilst there are scammers and spammers, many Internet Marketers are doing the right thing, creating valuable products and, quite rightly, making a living by marketing their creations on the Internet.

The issue is though that there is a portion of the Internet community that appears to hold all Internet Marketers in contempt and refuse to believe that Internet Marketers could in fact contribute anything worthwhile.

Today, in a blog post titled Wake Up Call: Web 2.0 Wouldn’t Exist Without Internet Marketers, John Reese felt compelled to respond to two blog posts in a fairly strong manner.

The two blog posts referenced by John are Is Twitter Vulnerable To Marketer Attack? (by Mark Hopkins from mashable) and Pending Sign Of The Twitter Apocalypse: It’s Being Talked About By Internet Marketers (by blogger Duncan Riley from The Inquisitr).

These posts indicate that the writers feel that an “invasion of Internet Marketers” is akin to an apocalypse. Duncans post references John Reese’s invitation to his subscriber list to join him on Twitter……

John has responded in his blog post and references the actual text of his invitation email which clearly states:

“Observe how others post and you’ll quickly learn the culture, etiquette, and uses for Twitter.”

Seems pretty clear to me that John isn’t inviting his “Internet Marketing Mates” to come and blast everyone with offers….. also, take a look at Johns Public Twitter profile – I don’t believe that John has really promoted any of his “stuff” via Twitter. In fact, on June 12, John sent a series of Tweets likening the use of Social Media Advertising to promoting a MLM at a dinner party…. (to my mind it’s like going to a social mixer and trying to sell everyone life insurance). In fact, I followed avidly the other day a discussion between John, @coachdeb and @jpmicek (peripherally) on Twitter about the use of YouTube videos on your own website…. fascinating stuff.

Sure there are people who abuse Twitter. Just the other day I ‘unfollowed’ someone who continually “begged” others to follow them. This individual was following over 22,000 people and had less than 1000 followers at the time. Their pitiful tweets to some of the Twitter “gurus” along the lines of “Would you follow me, I promise to be interesting” were not only annoying, they were embarrassing.

What have many of us done with this annoying individual? We’ve unfollowed them – no more nuisance. So what if an Internet Marketer sends a marketing tweet? You don’t have to follow them, and if they don’t have an audience then they are likely to cease and desist the activities.

One question I ask is whether the people who are condemning Internet Marketers foray into Twitter actually basing their condemnation on fact, or perceived reality?

Another question is how did Duncan receive the email invitation? Did he receive it because he is a John Reese subscriber?

Another point to note is what set’s a blogger apart from an Internet Marketer really? If that blogger is making money from their blogging efforts, even indirectly, can’t they be considered Internet Marketers themselves? Ed Dale is the first commenter on Marks posts, and that comment asks didn’t Mark use Twitter as a marketing tool to advertise his blog post? Interested thought Ed….

So all of this leads me to wonder, have these two individuals deliberately referenced John Reese, Twitter and Internet Marketing in their blog posts, to “stir it up” and grab traffic to their blogs? Is it a case of “sour eggs” (and if so for what reason?) or is it just a marketing ploy on their own accounts to drive traffic to their sites? If it’s the latter, it’s worked! I’ve read both posts, linked them here and I will Twitter my post……….. just think on that.
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