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What is one thing that makes a successful person, successful?  Personally, I think it’s that that person takes action, instead of waiting for something to happen and reacting.

I’ve heard so much about the economic downturn and I’m seeing a lot of people  ‘waiting’ to see what happens before they will commit to anything.

I think that is a BIG MISTAKE!  Not setting Goals, not deciding to action…. and it is motivated by Fear.  Fear is an emotional response, only good for short-term survival (or perhaps even just existence).

When you react, or don’t act at all, through fear – you’re not thinking clearly about the path you’re running… You’re just RUNNING!   There is little, or no, strategy, planning, or insight to your response.

I work with a number of business clients offline and the ones that are successful have a written down plan, written down goals for their business (and personal lives) and they review them regularly.  Yes, they are fearful at times -  but they know that they must act, and act to meet their goals.

I want you to do more than just survive 2009.  I want to help you become successful.

If you are reading this, I know that you are looking for a way to start an online business or improve your existing business…. so, let me share some information with you….

Did you know that Internet shopping is predicted to hit $145.1 Billion in
the coming year, a significant 14% increase — despite the downturn?

Consumers will be spending more time at home, using their computers for everything from bargain hunting and product research to upgrading skills.

Studies show this shift is ALREADY well underway…!

Are you serious about your online business – starting it or growing it? I don’t want the downturn to stop you from pursuing exciting personal, financial, and business goals in 2009.  Let me help you…

Derek Gehl (Internet Marketing Center) has just released his FREE Goal Setting Video. This video will help you discover how you can make 2009 your richest year yet.

Derek’s been successfully selling on the Internet for over a decade now, and he’s brought in over $100 MILLION in sales…  I have been to training sessions presented by the Internet Marketing Center and I know how good they are!

Derek’s also going to be hosting a FREE Webinar in the first week of January to help everyone kick-off their New Year’s goals with a bang.

All you need to do is view the Free Goal Setting Video now.

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