2-Tier JV With Big Names + Big Value + Big Offer = Your Big Payday

Hi Charly,

On October 1st James Jackson will be launching a massive package of high quality and uniquely bundled marketing seminars, courses, and workshops via a 2-tier affiliate program.

You can see the preview sales letter at Marketing Course Blow Out

Once you see the package I can almost guarantee that it will wow you and your customers as it has taken James over 12 months to put together this together and contains products developed by some of the biggest names in the Internet Marketing industry including…

Mike Filsaime
Gary Ambrose
Joel Christopher
Russell Brunson
Tellman Knudson
Cory Rudl
Dan Kennedy
Ron Legrand
Yanik Silver
Robert Allen
Henry Gold
Andrew Fox
Marlon Sanders
Tim Erway
Mike Dillard
Kevin Wilke
Keith Wellman
Ken Mcarthy
Terry Dean
Andrew Fox
Ted Ciuba
Fred Gleek
Bob Serling
Anik Singal
Jeff Mulligan
David Vallieres
Kirt Christenson
Jack Humprey
Jonathan Mizel
Alex Sampson
Lee Benson
Tom Beal
Chuck Daniel
Jason Oman
Reed Floren
Glen Hopkins
Dr. Richard Krawczyk
Mike Ambrosio
Don Campbell
Alex Caroll
Kimberly Judd
George Tran
Jerry Jenkins
Tami Depalma
Wade Thomas
Raleigh Pinskey
Jan Nathan
Claude Diamond

Pricing & Commission Details
The discount sale will last for 10 Days and the price point will start at $97 and rise to $197 by the end of the sale. You will receive a 50% commission on the first tier and a 10% commission on the second tier.

There will also be a backend offer for John Delavera’s JV Manager V1 and several bonus products. You will also receive a commission on the backend sale, again on two tiers, (50% 1st Tier – 15% 2nd Tier)


James is also seeking JV partners who would like to offer very unique bonus products that YOU have personally created yourself to add to the package so if you have one that you would like to add to the front end offer or the backend Offer just let James know (unique products with PLR would be great :-) .

You can see the sales letter and the product package by going here…

Marketing Course Blow Out

If you would like to become a JV partner to promote this program and begin recruiting people into your second tier you can find details on signing up and a video on recruiting your sub affiliates here:

Marketing Course Blow Out

If you would like to contact James directly please don’t hesitate to use the contact info below…

(314) 994-1509

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