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Royalty Free Video Backgrounds

Video is certainly becoming the ‘way of the web’. The price of Video Cameras has reduced to a price that just everyone has one, tools like Camtasia make screen capture tutorials easy to do and software like WordPress and Audio Acrobat make it incredibly easy to share your videos.

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VIDEO: Husbands, Businesses and Internet Marketing!

A light hearted escape for this post. What happens when you are trying to record your weekly Podcast and your husband decides to that it might be “cool” to record a promotional video for his business, particularly focussing on the Google natural search results? Well, take a look and enjoy.

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VIDEO: Cash Smart Kids and Internet Marketing

After doing the interview with Jenny Ford from Cash Smart Kids a couple of weeks ago, my children decided to sign up for the program and participate. It has to be noted that the kids are paying for the membership out of their “pamphlet delivery” money, with the expectation that they will learn techniques to [...]

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New Social Networks Offers 80% Of Advertising Revenue to Members – Are You One?

Social Networking is definitely the flavour of 2008 so far. With networks like offering you the opportunity to setup your own network, we are seeing an explosion of sites. Which is great – you get to network with like minded people, share information and hopefully grow your business. I was invited to join a [...]

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Are you Ready for a Flood of Traffic?

Today, I was introduced to a new system that will literally bring a flood of traffic and increase earnings. I was skeptical and decided to investigate a little further. This system makes claims like: “Better yet… what if this new found traffic will hit your new,fully monetized website – virtually ALL on autopilot?” “Picture this, [...]

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Do you use Video to increase your sales?

The Free Video Products Giveaway has encouraged me to write about Video Blogging and using video on your website. 2007 looks to be the year of the Video Blogs (vlogs). An explosion in Internet video is taking place, and in large part it’s an explosion based on video blogs. A massive online industry is gearing [...]

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