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Is Your Blog Fresh?

One of the things that challenges that I am faced with in running my blogs (and I have several) is finding new and interesting information to post about. I am well aware of the fact that great content is a necessity to keep my readers interested and get them to come back and I am [...]

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Product Review: Web 2.0 Wealth

Approximately two weeks I was the winner of Alex Sysoefs Web 2.0 Wealth Program, as part of a contest Alex is running. I’ve looked at this product multiple times and still didn’t have a great feel for what it was, or how great it is! The article discusses my experience and impressions of the product.

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Blogging Comments, SEO and SPAM

Today, I’m going to talk about commenting on blogs and one of my pet hates when auditing the comments on my blogs. We all know that comments to blog posts are an excellent way to generate back links to your blog, thus improving its search engine rankings. This is an extremely valid method for link [...]

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What is Web 2.0 and Does It Work?

Have you been inundated this week with wave of Web 2.0 advertisements and offerings? I have! What worries me is that I know that I don’t know anywhere near enough about Web 2.o and I’m not comfortable investing money into the offerings because I don’t know. Then it concerns me that I may be missing [...]

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Increase the Traffic To Your Site

After using SEO Elite from Brad Callen and reading any number of Search Engine Optimization documents, I decided to write some Articles and submit them to Article Directories and see what result it had. I have to say, the results were pretty amazing.  Within a couple of days I started receiving traffic to my website [...]

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Can your Blog make Money? Great Blog Marketing Techniques

Whilst Blog marketing is potentially very lucrative, it requires persistence and continual work. With Blog marketing, you must post regularly, about topics pertinent to your market, so that it will become popular and everyone will want to read it. It can become quite difficult to post new and interesting topics to your Blog to keep [...]

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Do you use Video to increase your sales?

The Free Video Products Giveaway has encouraged me to write about Video Blogging and using video on your website. 2007 looks to be the year of the Video Blogs (vlogs). An explosion in Internet video is taking place, and in large part it’s an explosion based on video blogs. A massive online industry is gearing [...]

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Beginner Blog Marketing

Given the Blogging and Adsense Giveaway that has started, I thought it was appropriate to write about Blogging today. Blogs which are also known as web logs are still relatively new on the internet. They are pretty much a platform that you can use that will allow you to post your thoughts on most any [...]

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