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Do You Know Googles Greatest Love?

A great article on The Adventures In Internet Marketing today – Greatest Traffic Secret Google Loves Do you know what it is? Warner Carter writes an excellent article that supports my previous blogging articles saying that Unique Content is King. Read more…..

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Is Your Domain Registrar Using Tactics That Will Get You Banned By Google?

Seen in my trip around the blogosphere this morning, a tactic being used by NetSol that could well get its customers banned by Google. Are you affected? Take a look at the article linked above. In short, NetSol are using tactics to find wildcard subdomains for any domain that is using their DNS service, to [...]

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PODCAST: Can SEO be trademarked?

I have just read Jordan McCollums post titled SEO Trademarker Responds: Community Standards , a follow on from an earlier post this week Are You About To Lose The Right To Call Your Work SEO, by the same author. In a nut shell, Jason Gambert has made application to trademark the term SEO. Should he [...]

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Can your Blog make Money? Great Blog Marketing Techniques

Whilst Blog marketing is potentially very lucrative, it requires persistence and continual work. With Blog marketing, you must post regularly, about topics pertinent to your market, so that it will become popular and everyone will want to read it. It can become quite difficult to post new and interesting topics to your Blog to keep [...]

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Search Engine Optimization – The Basics

So just what is Search Engine Optimization? I am often asked by my friends to explain it. My friends also use seem to use the terms AdWords and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) interchangeably. The first thing I clarify is that AdWords is not SEO! I feel that AdWords is more appropriately called Search Engine Marketing [...]

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Beginner Blog Marketing

Given the Blogging and Adsense Giveaway that has started, I thought it was appropriate to write about Blogging today. Blogs which are also known as web logs are still relatively new on the internet. They are pretty much a platform that you can use that will allow you to post your thoughts on most any [...]

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The Importance of a Good Design

Website Design Your website is the virtual representation of your company, whether your company exists physically or not.  Your website is essentially the hub of your online business. People do judge you by “your covers”.  When you are doing business online, people cannot see you physically, as they could if they were dealing with a [...]

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