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PODCAST: Social Marketing in The 21st Century, Do You Risk Becoming Extinct?

A blog post by John Mariotti yesterday, stated that REAL business people don’t use (and won’t use) Social Media Marketing. The article goes on to provide 10 reasons why Mr Mariotti won’t use social media and whilst some of his points have merit, I was left quite flabbergasted as to his main reasonings. An interesting [...]

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PODCAST: Get Off Your Duff With Sean Roach

On Wednesday 14 May 2008, Stuart and I headed to Sydney to receive training from Pat Lovell, Sean Roach, Robert Puddy and Ryan, the “big guns” of the Rip2It team, on the Rip2It package that we are proud owners of. Rip2It is a package that consists of products and services to generate 3rd Party Residual [...]

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PODCAST: Can SEO be trademarked?

I have just read Jordan McCollums post titled SEO Trademarker Responds: Community Standards , a follow on from an earlier post this week Are You About To Lose The Right To Call Your Work SEO, by the same author. In a nut shell, Jason Gambert has made application to trademark the term SEO. Should he [...]

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PODCAST: So Easy Even A Child Could Do It

What happens when a 13 year old listens to the conversations of the adult marketers around him and decides it’s time to do something for himself? The result is really quite interesting..

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PODCAST: My Internet Marketing Mistakes, by Diane Corriette

I “met” Diane Corriette online through the Womens Internet Marketing Social Network (part of the Womens Internet Marketing Alliance). Diane is a mother of 3 who makes her living from the Internet. Over the last couple of months, Diane has impressed me with her approach to Internet Marketing and how she supports other marketers. Diane [...]

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What do Social Networking, Internet Marketing and Kids Have In Common?

Today I interviewed Jenny Ford from Cash Smart Kids about her experiences with Social Networking, Internet Marketing and raising and teaching Cash Smart Kids. Jenny has over 20 years experience in business and psychology and has a view of Social Networking and how it is best used in Internet Marketing.

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