6 Great Article Marketing Tips…

girlwritingArticle Marketing is an excellent way to generate traffic to your website. However, there are a few tips to consider when creating your article – let’s have a look at how a reader see’s an article and what encourages that person to click on the link to the article writer’s website? Let’s have a look at the process…

1. The reader sees an article title that interests them
2. They open the article and start reading it
3. They read all the way to the end
4. The reader then clicks on the link in the resource box because they want to know more and…

Arrive at your site, likes it, and opts in to your list and/or buys your product.

Simple! So here are some tips to help you create great Articles:

The Title is everything.

If the title doesn’t catch a readers attention, they definitely won’t read the article. In fact, they probably won’t even see your

article in the list of articles they’ve seen… Your title needs to offer them something – What’s in it for them? How can it solve their problem?

Your title should evoke curiosity. “The Number One Mistake New Parents Make” would certainly gain the attention of new and first time parents, “How To Double Your Sales In 6 Weeks” will gain the attention of a business owner seeking to grow their business.

Words that are considered to be curiosity triggers are words like “Top 10 Tips”, “Secrets To…”, and “How I…”

Your title must contain your keyword phrases, not only for Search Engine Optimization, but also so that the people who would be interested in reading your article can find you.

The first paragraph is also very important.

The first paragraph needs to grab the reader’s attention so they will continue reading. When writing the first paragraph, you should identify with your reader by explaining the problems your article will be discussing. It is also important to write in a way that connects with your Target Audience.

Consider the length of the article.

There is a lot of discussion about the length of an article. Many readers will not read long articles however, the articles have to be informative and contact enought information to encourage the reader to want to learn more. On average, a 400 word article seems to work – it gains readers and will also allow for your article to be ‘syndicated’ on other sites.

Be informative, but incomplete.

First of all, you need to give valuable information in your article to encourage people to keep reading however, you don’t have to give it all. For example, your article can include 3 of your top 7 tips and the other 4 can be found on your website or in the product on your website.

Link to the correct page.

When you create your author resource box, make sure you have the right page linked. There is nothing more frustrating than clicking on the a link in someone’s bio box and being sent to a ‘page not found’ page, or worse – to a page that has nothing to do with the subject of the article.

If you’re linking to a specific topic on your blog – make sure you link to the article on your blog, not just the front part of your blog.

Make your bio box work for you.

Your author resource box, or bio, can be the conclusion of your article. Bring your article to a graceful close in the body, but use your bio area to invite the reader to learn more, get a free report or a free gift by visiting your site. Of course, use your keywords for the article as your anchor text (that’s the text that is clickable) for better Search Engine Optimization.

From experience, Article marketing is an effective tool to bring visitors to your site and help make you sales, but only if implemented correctly. Take these tips and use them to grow your article marketing efforts.

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  1. You’re right article marketing can be one of the most useful tool for internet marketing. However, this is only proven to be effective if you’ll submit to respectable article directories.
    .-= Mark´s last blog ..School Grants For Minorities =-.

  2. yes i agree with mark. submitting to respectable directories will only give results

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